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Let’s talk about websites in the modern business world…

Today, if you want to build a successful brand and influence the market, you need not only to take care of your team, because your team is making the most of your work, but also make sure that your external perception is qualitative, bold and professional. In most cases, you won’t be able to succeed, if your company doesn’t look professional on the web. As Smotrow Design has vast experience in creating a design for different platforms, brands and even online stores, we have our own rules in building websites. Here are 5 of the most important. What is more, these rules will be based only on our experience and works.  

Rule #1: Your website must tell a story.

And answer 3 main questions – Who, What and How. Remember: your website is not just pictures and a little bit of text. Your website is your story. If you look at the websites of the biggest companies in the world, like Apple, Microsoft or Samsung, you will see one similarity – all of them tell you their stories. So, when our team is creating websites for our clients, firstly we try to know, what is the company about, what is its goal, then we are learning more about the team and only after that start searching for the way of telling their story. We highly recommend you do the same.  

Before creating a website, we recommend you answer 3 main questions:

1. Who is the website about? 
2. What is the main goal of this brand or a person?  
3. How this brand or a person pursuing its goal?  

Rule #2: Your website must contain page about the team.

Nowadays clients want to understand who is behind the brand, who is actually building it. For example, will you trust to a real estate company, on the website of which you can’t even know anything about the team you are going to work with? No. So, we recommend all of our clients make a special page – in most cases, not big – where they can tell about themselves, their story, share awards, if they have, and so on. It’s too important.  

Rule #3: Use more negative space.

You don’t need to put as many elements as you can to create a modern and stylish website. Good design is not where there is nothing to add, but where is nothing to take away. So, each element must add value. If not – remove it easily. In UX/UI design can’t be elements that are only for the beauty. And your website must breathe. So, if you want to create your website make sure that your designers will not overload it with different unnecessary/useless stuff.

Rule #4: Don’t use old-school textures or more than 3 colors.

It is only our recommendation based on our experience and knowledge, so you can do it if you want. But now we’ll tell you, why we don’t recommend it. Firstly, it looks bad. Your design must be clean and minimalistic, but when you add textures or use many-many colors, hoping to do something cool, the result is a website that looks like a parrot. Secondly, the textures were modern 5-6 years ago, so now they are making your website look outdated. It affects the perceptions of the company and your brand at all. We avoid creating websites in that way totally.

Rule #5: Your website must look perfect both on a desktop and mobile

From day to day users start browsing websites from their smartphones. Therefore, we consider it inadmissible to create a good-looking website only for desktop, while ignoring adaptability. We would even say that in some cases it is necessary to start development from designing for mobile devices, and only then computers. So, in the process of developing the website, check if your menu opens on mobile devices, if everything looks good, if the text is readable if elements are not tiny and so on.

In conclusion, we would like to focus your attention on the following quote:

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