Smotrow Design Studio has designed a new Online Bookstore for the largest Legal Tech company in Ukraine.

About the project:

Domjurista develops automated legal services. Its team has a big dream – change the way people get all the legal services and make them available online. So, when they creating new legal online services, they must combine technology, design, and jurisprudence in such a way that everyone can understand and very easily navigate in their new products because the slightest mistake can cause the failure of their product. Now their team is integrating the largest online bookstore in Ukraine, so that right on their platform people can buy the literature they need. Our studio was invited to create and implement the look and feel of their new bookstore. 

The Process:

It is so difficult to balance between an incredibly elegant and easy-to-use design. If we put too much different and “trendy” design elements – the product becomes tough to use. So we decided to remove all unnecessary elements and left only what helps people determine the quality of the book they choose. We also understand that everything starts with a search. As a result, we made a large and clear search right on the main page, so that users can easily find books they need. On the left side are the categories where people filter the right books, and in the center of the site are the books themselves.

Watch the full project on our Behance page