Check the contract


2D Motion

About the project

Check the contract – the unique innovative service that allows you to upload your contract and make sure that your interests and your business are protected. It was developed by Domjurista – one of the largest companies in Ukraine, which develops automated legal services and makes them accessible for all the people. Our team was invited to create a very short and interesting promotional video for this service.

The process

On average, a regular contract consists of 3,000 words. We wanted to show that this is too much to read it carefully and check whether our interests are true protected. Especially it is impossible to make an ordinary person who does not have a legal education. So we decided to we built our small video around this idea. Firstly, we showed how difficult is the process of writing a contract and how many words and details it can have. Then we showed that even if it seems to us that we have drawn up a contract well, there may still be mistakes and conditions that can put interests in the risk zone. In the end, we showed how easy it is to check the contract with the service of


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