Official Release Promo

3D. Motion Design

4th version

Our team presented the first promo from a series which is devoted to start of the most powerful, intellectual and advanced platform of legal online services in Ukraine.

The Process

All work is constructed around number “4” because this is the fourth generation of the platform. We created incredibly detailed figure model by means of 3D – schedules and complemented it with realistic glass structure. It allowed us to create incredibly beautiful story with lights and its various shades.


Just imagine: we created such realistic glass textures, from which the “4” is made, that in the end it took about 1 hour to render only one frame! With that, the specialists work on the most powerful iMac of the new generation. 3 seconds of video is 90 frames. As a result, only rendering of these three seconds took our team three days. “
– Nikita Smotrov

Behind the scenes

To work on the video, we attracted 3D motion graphics experts who, using special software and their skills, modeled several scenes, which were shown as a result in the finished work.


We used the AvantgardeGothic font with some modifications. It was also complemented by an iridescent gradient.

Music and effects

Without a doubt: the video turned out so exciting because we used a high-quality sound composition with high low frequencies and sharp transitions of the Cinematic style. All this was complemented by dotted deep bass and sound effects.

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