Domjurista Redesign

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UX/UI Design


The mission of – is to make legal services accessible to everyone. So that every entrepreneur, business owner and an ordinary person can salve almost all legal problems online and in a few minutes. Whether it is preparing a quality legal document or checking the contract. Domjurista has twice attracted foreign investments and was recognized worldwide.

Old version

The previous version of has worked for almost two years and during that time has helped more than 1 million people solve their legal problems online. But the world is changing and if we don’t have time to change with it, we’ll lose.

New version

Therefore, in the summer of 2018 we decided to improve the platform. Starting with the platform redesign and ending with adding some new services.

Main page

The main problem with the old version of domjurista was that the user was lost in a number of different documents. And did not understand what the platform was offering. In the new version of the platform, we did this process much easier. Now the visitor in a few seconds can understand what is offering and knows what page he definitely needs. Thus, we have added a menu “All services” so that user can go to his needed service in just a few clicks and from every page of the platform. We have also created an interactive search with the voice assistant.


We have created the system of work of the platform so that starting from the main page and right up to the necessary service, the platform will direct the person to what he needs itself. For example, when the user clicks “Documents” – the system directs him on the page dedicated only to work with documents. There user can download ready-to-go templates, create new documents and etc. Nothing more.

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