Pravova Constanta

Promo for one of the best law firms in Ukraine

3D-graphics. Motion design

What we have created

The method of obtaining legal services is changing very quickly. And this is not only connected with the robotization and automation of the work of lawyers, but also with the fact that clients increasingly prefer successful and well-known brands that can be trusted. As for Ukraine, there are very few really successful legal brands. Recently, however, they began to appear faster and faster. One of these companies is Pravova Constanta – the Ukrainian leader in the field of bankruptcy and arbitration. The law firm turned to Smotrow Design to create one of the best promotional videos on the market. And that is what we have created.


What distinguishes the highest quality video from the rest? One of the most important evaluation criteria is the technology that is used. We paid a lot of attention to 3D-motion graphics, which helped us tell our story. Such graphics met in several scenes of composition and emphasized the main idea that we wanted to tell.

Music & Sound Effects

What can immediately spoil the video and in the same way make it unique? Of course it is music. In all our projects we use musical compositions that make you worry, smile, cry or be nervous. Namely – to experience at least some emotions.


The video consists of scenes, each of which adds an entire story. The whole composition brings the viewer to the basic idea, which is that Pravova Constanta is a law firm of a new type.

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