Smotrow Design

Official Promo 2019

3D. Motion Design.


We don’t need words to tell a great story. All we need is to give emotions, which you can not forget. This is what determines the quality of a video. We are those who help companies tell their story. We are Smotrow Design – Independent creative studio from Ukraine. Our studio works at the intersection of 3D-art, design and technologies. And this is our new promo.

A variety of distinct, abstract elements comprise the film’s visuals, varying from those that fall on the regal end of the spectrum, to others that are more humble in nature. Throughout the film, the Vine Yard color palette is strongly relied upon to visually showcase the same.
We had the opportunity to work with numerous International artists for this project. Working with such talented people globally has proven to be a unique and fulfilling collaboration and helped us create such stunning imagery. ​​​​​​​


The sound is 80% of the success of the video. It can not be underestimated. creation of a tangible connection between Pepsi and music. 

Conceptualized and Produced by Smotrow Design

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