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Release of Official Promo 2019

3D. Motion Design

Keep going law. Keep going well.

Youth, progressive views and the pursuit of excellence make Spenser & Kauffmann law firm one of the most successful in Ukraine. This high level has been kept for more than 12 years and it should be high in everything: from the quality of legal services to a high level of brand building.

We created a video that motivates. A video that very accurately conveys the spirit of a law firm and not just hints, but frankly reports that Spenser & Kauffmann will never stop on the way to becoming the best law firm in Ukraine.

About the company

Spenser & Kauffmann represents clients in projects that need a serious theoretical foundation and significant practical experience in various areas of law. The company takes into account the trends of tomorrow in order to place the right accents for the successful development of clients’ business in the future. While working on projects, clients become part of a team of ambitious and professional specialists who create a favorable working atmosphere for achieving maximum results.

Problem we solved

Sometimes in the life of each company there are difficult stages. Change of leadership, loss of talented workers, conflicts. But we believe that if the main goal of a company is not only to make money, and if its founders are really sure that they are doing important things, then such companies always pass these “tense crossroads” successfully. The task of our studio was to convey that despite all the difficulties, problems and tensions that the company faced, this law firm still continues to go further. And set new standards in the entire legal market of the country. The video should motivate not only the people and customers who watch it, but also the company’s team.

Minimum of objects. Maximum emotions.

Throughout the video, we used only three primary colors – burgundy, white and black. The Bordeaux color was used to emphasize information that matters, and other colors accompanied it. Our team paid much attention to creating the most emotional musical composition that would reflect the whole spirit of the company and motivated to move forward, as well as the compositions themselves, which were created with the help of shape graphics. Every single element of the video was supposed to emphasize the meaning that we want to convey.

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