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Website Design & Interaction

UX/UI, Motion Design, Interaction

About the project

It is a very important project for us because it’s not just about the design. It is not about how to make an incredibly impressive and functional website that would cause a “wow” effect. It is a story about how to set a whole new level in the legal market. And about how to show what a real website of a modern, progressive and highly qualified law firm should look like.

How it all started

3 months ago, one of the best law firms in Ukraine called us to help them create a new website – from start to finish. Before this, they had their old website which had been working for more than 10 years. But time flies and they needed to change it. Moreover, they recently had a rebranding and changed their name. So our task was to develop for them a new modern website that would be relevant for several years and emphasize their leadership in the market in Ukraine.

We always start our work with Moleskine notebooks, which we give to all our designers. So when we create interfaces, firstly we draw it in our notebooks, because it improves the imagination and gives us many ideas! Special software for developing interfaces is nothing without hand drawing.

Main Page

The main page contains all the main sections of the site, such as practices, professionals, news, and industries. So that you can immediately see the main news of the company and go to the pages you are interested in. We also add an animation using the Greensock library.


The first thing that defines a truly excellent website is navigation. It should be very easy for clients and users to navigate from page to page without thinking too much. So we moved the menu to the left side of the site and fixed it there. So users, no matter which page they are on, always can go to other important pages of the site very easily.

Page with news/publication

The page of each publication consists of several sections: the title, the preface, the insert with a video or photo, and several styles of the paragraphs themselves. This was done to help users conveniently read the information.


The website was made of just three colors. It’s a great example of the fact that you don’t need to use a lot of colors to make a stylish website. Believe us: if you take a good font, play with its weight and choose a stylish color scheme – the result will be amazing.

About us:

Now we are expanding our practice and want to work with different successful companies. We will be happy to help you make an incredible website or promotional video. Even our studio is based in Ukraine, we can work all over the world and connect with clients from different countries. The part of our team is working at night to stay connected with clients from the USA.

Contact us:

Email: smotrow@hotmail.com
Phone: +(380)-95-204-6173