Pravova Constanta

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The Smotrow Design team has developed a website for one of the best law firms in the country. Let’s remember how it was!

About the company

Pravova Constanta is a leading law firm in the Ukrainian market. The main practices of the company are bankruptcy and restructuring, as well as judicial practice. The desire to quickly and continuously learn, the need for victories, the irresistible desire to learn the right – this is what unites the company’s specialists.


The task of Smotrow Design was not only to create a beautiful, modern and convenient website through which the company’s customers could follow the news, and potential customers had the opportunity to contact the company. Not. We needed to convey the spirit of the company and convey that Legal Constanta are reliable partners for many years.

About the site

Our most difficult task was that we had to combine rigor and conservatism with innovative design. To achieve this goal, we did not overload the site with “heavy” objects and were not afraid to leave enough free places. As a result, we managed to make it so easy for customers to focus only on the main information and not to “scatter” their attention on a lot of unnecessary details.

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